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Shipping insurance is not needed if you are picking up in one of our local stores in Troy or Enterprise.

Product titles, pictures and descriptions may not be accurate. You will be required to confirm that the SKU, Model, and UPC for the items you are ordering are correct during final checkout. See Store Policies for details.

We do not charge any credit card fees. Local sales tax is added for in-store pickup... and the tax rate for shipping to other areas of Alabama is 4%. Shipping is determined after you enter your address and choose the Shipping Method.

Please be sure to verify your email address is correct if you wish to receive an order confirmation and tracking emails.

FOR FIREARM TRANSACTIONS: It is imperative that you verify with your FFL dealer that they will accept the firearm and transfer it to you. Some of the FFL dealers listed will ONLY accept firearms for “approved” customers or will not accept drop-shipped firearms from a distributor. You will ALSO need to verify they will be open, as there are several FFL dealers that may have closed since our last database update. Please also verify they accept UPS, FedEx and USPS. We can't keep up with all the notes on various FFL copies about transfer and shipping policies. You will need to let us know if they have restrictions of any kind.

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IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE: In order to keep our shipping rates low, we use USPS Priority Mail for firearms that will fit in a USPS Priority Mail Box, which includes most handguns. Larger pistols that are packed in a larger rifle-type box will ship by UPS or FedEx in most cases. Please verify with your FFL dealer that they can accept USPS Priority Mail, UPS, and FedEx. If your FFL dealer does not accept these, you must notify us on each order, and you will be responsible for any extra shipping charges incurred before we can proceed with the shipment, and your item may be shipped and returned at your expense. Please see our store policies related to shipping.

ATTENTION: Pickup at Family Firearms is for picking up at one of our stores in Alabama. Ship This Order is for shipping to you or your FFL dealer (for firearms). DO NOT choose Pickup at Family Firearms unless you are planning to come to one of our Alabama stores to pick up your order. If you inadvertently choose Pickup at Family Firearms and need it shipped, the order will need to be canceled so that you can order and correctly choose Ship This Order. We cannot change this on our end.

No Shipping Methods are available for this shopping cart. Please contact customer support.

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Please note that the name and address on the credit card must match the name and address on the order. If this is for a firearm, all names must be for the person who will pickup the firearm at the FFL dealer selected. We apologize for any incovenience this may cause, but it is the nature of the requirements by the ATF to prevent illegal firearm purchases.


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Please keep in mind that we are not the manufacturer of any products we sell, thus we do not warranty the products. The manufacturer warrants the products, thus any warranty issues are covered by the manufactuer, not Family Firearms. Please contact the manufacturer for warranty issues. This is part of your purchase agreement that you must agree to in order to purchase from us. Thank you for your understanding!

See known state restrictions here: State Restrictions

ALL STATES: Any firearm purchased and shipped to your state that is returned because it cannot be transferred due to state laws will have a 15% restocking fee and you will have a loss of shipping both ways.

All packages are shipped signature required and this option cannot be waived under any circumstances. We ship to the CONUS (Continental United States) at published rates when shipping from our store. This includes the 48 contiguous states and excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the other U.S. territories. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico may be available but may also be additional shipping charges... published rates may not apply.

By placing your order you are stating that you agree to all of the terms and conditions outlined in our Store Policies.

By placing this order you are confirming that you have verified the REQUIRED INFORMATION for CHOOSING AN FFL DEALER and advised us of any descrepancies or exceptions.
    1) They are open for business and have not moved.
    2) Their listed address that we show on file is correct.
    3) They accept USPS, FedEx, and UPS with no restrictions.
    4) If they use their mailing address for shipments instead of their physical address.
    5) They have no objection to drop-shipped firearms from a distributor.
    6) Some distributors will NOT drop-ship to a home-based FFL.
    7) They will transfer the firearm to you.
    8) The firearm is legal to ship to your state/area (or you have approval from your FFL).

Please DO NOT assume we know any of the information above simply because we have their FFL on file or because they are a preferred dealer. The status of an FFL dealer can change overnight, and we may not be aware of it. You may have used them several times in the past, but that is not proof that everything is the same. Please verify the information is still correct as of right now. We appreciate your understanding that we are trying to prevent any issues that might cost you extra fees.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By placing an online order with us and using your credit card to purchase a firearm that has to be shipped to an FFL dealer by law, you agree that should you fail to retrieve the firearm from the FFL dealer it was shipped to, you will NOT dispute the charge and claim that you did not receive the firearm. You further agree that should you fail to retrieve that firearm, you will notify us by certified mail (or by email to us with an acknowledgment from us that we have received your email) that you were not able to retrieve the firearm from the FFL dealer. You also agree to pay for the shipping charges that you paid to ship the firearm to your FFL dealer, and any return shipping charges, in addition to a 15% restocking fee.


Due to our very low margins, all sales are final in most cases, although manufacturer warranties will apply. If you have any type of issue with your product, the fastest resolution is to contact the manufacturer, and you must agree to this before placing the order and by agreeing with our Terms and Conditions by checking the box above. In order to maintain our low price structure, we ask the customer to deal directly with the manufacturer, as this will always result in the fastest resolution. If you have issues with the manufacturer, we will certainly get involved and help as much as possible. If you have simply changed your mind on what you purchased, or if you are denied by the ATF or the FFL dealer refuses to sell you the firearm, or you ordered the firearm by mistake, we can review your request for a return; however, you will lose any shipping charges you paid, and you will have to pay return shipping as well. There will also be a 15% restocking fee. If your item is returned to us as undeliverable or refused by the FFL dealer, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges and shipping charges back to another FFL dealer. If you prefer a refund after it has been sent back to us, we will deduct the original shipping charges to ship it to your dealer, the return shipping charges to ship it back to us, and the 15% restocking fee from your refund. All returns must be approved and may not necessarily be sent back to us; instead, the item may need to be returned to the distributor if initially shipped from the distributor.

There are no exceptions to no returns and no cancellations on the following items:

  1. Special orders (includes all items not in our local inventory that must be ordered).
  2. Products sold "as is" or "used" or that have been installed or used after receipt.
  3. NFA items.
  4. Knives, ammunition, illumination devices, electronic sights, and optics.
  5. Firearms that have been transferred to you via Form 4473 thru an FFL dealer.

For further clarification, a return is not the same as a cancellation. A cancellation is made prior to the order being submitted to our distributor for shipping or prior to us shipping the item. The fact that we have not shipped your order does not always mean it can be canceled. Not all orders can be canceled, however, on any order that is canceled, there is a $10 cancellation fee. You will never be charged a cancellation fee for an order that is canceled because the item you ordered is out of stock. A cancellation may be because you ordered the wrong item, decided you no longer want the item you ordered, decided you want a different model, you failed to provide an FFL dealer we can ship to, or for other reasons not specified here. Why are we charging a cancellation fee? Because it cost us money to process an order an then cancel it, and our merchant provider charges a fee for refunds. We can no longer do this for free if we want to be able to continue to offer the low prices that we offer.

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It is imperative that you contact your FFL dealer prior  to placing your order. You will need to verify they are still open and will accept your transfer. Many FFL dealers have closed or they are no longer accepting transfers, and/or may have stipulations, such as not allowing drop-shipped firearms from distributors. Please also verify that they are using their current physical address listed in our system as the shipping address. Failure to verify this information may result in delays getting your firearms and/or extra shipping charges. Please see our Store Policies for further clarification.

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