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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is ONLY for information purposes to help you find an FFL dealer in your area. It does not mean we recommend the FFL dealer, nor have we verified they are open and/or will accept your transfer. It is imperative that you contact the FFL dealer you choose to verify they are open for business and will accept your transfer, and that there are no exceptions to the normal process of transferring a firearm to you. You may also want to verify how much they will charge you, as some dealers have raised their transfer fees.

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It is imperative that you verify the following with your FFL dealer
    1) They are open for business and have not moved.
    2) Their listed address that we show on file is correct.
    3) They accept USPS, FedEx, and UPS with no restrictions.
    4) If they use their mailing address for shipments instead of their physical address.
    5) They have no objection to drop-shipped firearms from a distributor.
    6) Some distributors will NOT drop-ship to a home-based FFL.
    7) They will transfer the firearm to you.
    8) The firearm is legal to ship to your state/area (or you have approval from your FFL).

Please DO NOT assume we know any of the information above simply because we have their FFL on file or because they are a preferred dealer. The status of an FFL dealer can change overnight, and we may not be aware of it. You may have used them several times in the past, but that is not proof that everything is the same. Please verify the information is still correct as of right now. We appreciate your understanding that we are trying to prevent any issues that might cost you extra fees.

Some dealers have closed, some have moved and failed to update their address with us, some will not accept USPS, FedEx, or UPS, and some FFL dealers listed will ONLY accept and transfer firearms for “approved” customers. We do our best to keep these updated, but it's impossible to keep up with 60,000+ FFL dealers and the constant daily changes that occur. It would delay shipments several additional days if we had to verify all of these requirements prior to shipping. We do validate the FFL dealer by checking the ATF database, but just because they are validated, does not mean they will accept your transfer. You should always, regardless of who you purchase a firearm from, verify the required information. You need to know who you are sending a firearm to and what they charge for the transfer. Failure to verify this information could cost you excessive transfer fees, shipping delays, cancellations, restocking fees, and extra shipping charges. We use the least expensive shipping method to offer our low shipping rates. If the dealer does not accept shipments from the carrier we are using, you can elect to change FFL dealers or pay the extra shipping cost by contacting us prior to ordering. We use the FFL dealers's physical address unless you already see that their mailing address is listed as the address on file... otherwise we will need to know by way of your verification that we need to use their mailing address.A All emails should be sent to

COPY OF FFL NOTICE: We require a copy of the dealer's FFL license if they are not listed in green. In some cases dealer's listed in green will have an expired FFL and we will need it updated. If you would like to help speed up the process, you are welcome to have them email a copy to ... although you are not required to do so. If we are having difficulties retreiving a copy, we will let you know so that you are aware of the delay and can help if you so desire. Dealers in green are those whose FFL copy is already on file with Family Firearms, which typically means we do not need a copy of the FFL, unless it has expired and we haven't received an updated copy. This does NOT necessarily mean we know the dealer, it does NOT mean we recommend the dealer, and it does NOT mean we know any of their transfer or shipping policies. Always verify this information with your FFL dealer. The fact that we may have an updated copy of their FFL does NOT mean we will remember notes about any transfer and shipping requirements they may have noted on their FFL. We do not physically inspect every FFL copy before we ship firearm orders.

If your FFL dealer uses their mailing address instead of their premises address for shipping, or if they have restrictions for USPS, UPS or FedEx, we MUST be notified in advance, BEFORE you place the order. Failure to do this will result in your package being returned and you will incur additional shipping charges. We cannot use an address if it is NOT listed on their FFL.

Please do not assume that we will see a note on an FFL copy that states shipping requirements or restrictions. Please advise us by email of these requirements and restrictions. This has to be done BEFORE we ship the firearm, not after it's too late.


  • Hart Sports - Plano, Texas
  • X-RING SUPPLY - Newark, Delaware
  • Dahlonega Gold and Pawn - Dahlonega, GA
  • Vancouver Rifle and Pistol Club Inc - Vancouver, WA
  • Northwest Adventure Center - Fort Lewis, WA
  • Myrtle Beach Guns - Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Scheels Sports - Any Location
  • Rural King (RK) - Any Location
  • Academy Sports - Must Verify Exceptions with Store Manager
  • Bass Pro Shops - Must Verify Exceptions with Store Manager
  • Cabela's - Must Verify Exceptions with Store Manager
  • Any Firearm Manufacturer (Example: Glock, Sig, Ruger, etc.)
  • There may be others - always verify with your FFL dealer that they will accept your transfer. Many of the big chain stores will not accept transfers. A clerk in the store may tell you they do, but you need to speak with the manager, who will confirm they do not in most cases.

You cannot purchase a firearm without selecting an FFL dealer. If your dealer is not listed, or you are not sure of how the name of your dealer is listed, please use the Contact Us link in the top left corner of the page and let us know the name and address of the FFL dealer you would like to use and we will assist you with the selection, then you can continue with the purchase. Prices are not guaranteed until you checkout with the price listed.

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It is imperative that you contact your FFL dealer prior  to placing your order. You will need to verify they are still open and will accept your transfer. Many FFL dealers have closed or they are no longer accepting transfers, and/or may have stipulations, such as not allowing drop-shipped firearms from distributors. Please also verify that they are using their current physical address listed in our system as the shipping address. Failure to verify this information may result in delays getting your firearms and/or extra shipping charges. Please see our Store Policies for further clarification.