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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do you not offer phone service and support? Everyone in our store would be on the phone all day long and we would never get anything accomplished... been there and done that already. We simply cannot man the phones and continue to offer our super low prices. We also like to talk too much, so our phone conversations are too long. Plus, 99% of the questions asked can be answered below, which allows us to process orders and work on offering you more products at crazy low prices. Imagine getting 100+ phones calls every day asking, "Do you have ammo in stock?"..."What kind of 9mm ammo do you have?"..."How much is it?"..."How much 45 do you have?"..."How much is it?" (All from the same person.)..."Do you ship?"..."How much is shipping?"..."Is this item in stock?"..."How long will it take to ship it?" (All from the same person.)..."What are your hours?"..."Where are you located?"... I could go on for days with the questions. Most are already answered in our recordings or below, but too many people don't listen and they don't read (no offense intended - it is what it is)... they just like to talk, and so do we, but we can't sell at these prices and get items shipped in a timely manner when we have to man phones all day... just can't do it. We've always been able to reply to emails much faster than we could answering the phones or returning phone messages. While other companies rarely answer the phone and you have to leave a message to hardly ever get a call back, and they also don't answer emails in a timely manner, we are answering emails during regular store hours, and at night, and on the weekends. Using the Contact Us form below after you have read thru this FAQ will be the best way to contact us and get the fastest response. We realize this will not make some folks happy, but this is our model and how we have determined we can best serve customers. If this is not what you are looking for, we understand, and while we don't want you to go elsewhere, we understand if you do.

I am getting a credit card error that states my address does not match, what should I do? When you enter your card information with your address, we send that information to your card company or bank. They return a code back to our merchant with either a "match" or "no match". If they return a "no match" our merchant will not approve it. Your card company or bank may be telling you that your address matches, yet they are still sending the "no match" code. The only way to fix this is try to get someone at your card company or bank to figure out why they are sending back the "no match" code. We have no control over this, nor are we able to work around it.

What are your local in-store transfer fees? We charge $25 for one firearm, plus $10 for each additional firearm, and an additional $5 if a multiple handgun report is required for more than one handgun. The transfer fee for NFA items (silencers, etc) is $75 for each silencer and $25 per individual on a trust. No refunds if you are denied.

Are Glocks made in Austria better than those made in the USA? Do you belive in fairy tales and myths? According to a 2017 article, “U.S. made” Glocks still contain many Austrian parts, with only the slide, barrel, and frame being made in the United States, on machines identical to those used in Austria. A different finish was also applied to some metal parts, due to EPA regulations preventing the use of Glock’s traditional “Tenefer” coating. However, on almost all newer Glocks, Glock has moved to a new “nDLC” coating, which presumably can be applied in both Austria and the United States. American Glocks have also different markings due to different proof houses testing the guns. If you like supporting the Austrian name versus the USA stamp, that would be about the only reason to prefer it.

Can you put my name on the list and let me know when you get this item back in stock? You can go to the product page and use the Wish List/Notify Me subscription to receive an email when an item is back in stock (you will need to create an account if you don't already have one). We are unable to keep up with these type of request any other way, as we get well over 200 emails every day and it's very difficult for us to keep up with emails from the last few minutes, much less what might be weeks or months later.

I have not received my account confirmation email. Make sure you entered your email correctly, as this is the most common reason outside of the email going to your junk/spam folder. We send them out... literally hundreds of emails every day.

My FFL dealer is not showing up on the list. Some FFL dealers are blocked for various reasons. Some go by different names on their license and may be more difficult to locate. You can fill out the form below with the name and address of the FFL dealer you are searching for, and we will see how they are listed and advise you of the same, and if they can be used. For security reasons, FFL dealer selection is limited to the state you live in and restricted to a certain distance. If you need assistance choosing an FFL, please contact us and explain why you need to select an FFL outside of the restricted area and we will discuss the options.

Do you offer military, law enforcement, or other additional discounts? We do not... our prices are already very low, and we work off very thin margins. In most cases, our prices are already lower than other dealers after their discount is applied. Glock Blue Label is offered in-store only and cannot be shipped.

The "Email for Price" code does not work, or the link you provided is not showing the discounted price. There is nothing more we can tell you on how to resolve the issue outside of what is already included in the quote email. If you follow those instructions, it will work every time, unless you have computer or phone issues which we are not able to assist you with. We process literally dozens of orders every single day with email quotes. If they were not working, we wouldn't be getting orders. Follow the instructions!

Is this a new product? Yes... all of our local products are factory new; we do not buy or sell used guns in our store. Some of the distributors offer used products, but these units come from them and not our local store, and we are unaware of their condition outside of what is already shown in the description. Used guns with our distributor will clearly state it is used and give you a condition, such as "Good Condition" or "Fair Condition" or something similar. If you do not see "Used" it will be new. The distributors are not going to mark all of their new firearms as "New"... as they assume we all know they are new unless specifically stated they are used. We see what you see, so we don't have any further information to offer.

Do you buy guns or take trades? No... we do not buy firearms or take trade-ins. As stated above, we do not sell used guns from our local store.

Can you take my name and contact me when a product is available? No... but you can use the Notify Me subscription option if the product is out of stock and you will receive an email when it is available. We do not have the capability to keep up with a request like this manually, and it would be overwhelming for us to try to remember anyway.

Can I get an ETA for when a product might be available again? We are unable to provide any ETA at this time. In most cases, the manufacturer representative or distributor doesn't even know. There are way too many variables to consider, and in many cases, what you are told won't be accurate.

Do you offer layaway? No... not at this time. This applies in store as well.

Why are there still pending charges on my credit card? This has nothing to do with us. Please contact your bank, as we cannot control pending charges or holds on your credit card. Your bank will have to explain it to you.

Do you offer financing? Not at this time. We have not found any viable options that we believe are worthy to offer our customers without risk, and without extra fees for the both of us. Yes... we see what is offered by others, but we have investigated these options and feel they are risky at best.

Do you charge credit card fees? Yes... no credit card is without their fees. Where do you think "cash back" money comes from. Currently (2024) Visa has the lowest rate.

Do you charge debit card fees? The short answer is, no... However, some financial institutions digitally force their cards (for unknown reasons) to process them as a credit card versus a debit card. There is nothing we can do about it on our end and your bank will probably just tell you repeatedly that there is a problem with our system. They do this to make more money.

Can you accept multiple cards for payment? Yes... simply follow the instructions during checkout.

Do you charge sales tax? Only in the state of Alabama. We charge 9.5% if you pick up in our Troy, AL store, and 8% if you pick up in our Enterprise, AL store. We charge 4% if shipped to other cities in Alabama. If you are an FFL dealer in Alabama, we will need a copy of your sales tax ID certificate to waive sales tax. If you are out of state and seeing sales tax in your cart, you have chosen in-store pickup instead of shipping... you'll need to fix it. If you place the order incorrectly, the only option is to cancel it and start over. Orders can not be edited after they are placed.

Why do you not ship to Minnesota? Minnesota wants us to collect sales tax for them, and they have a very complex sales tax structure that we are unable to accommodate at this time. It may be something we look into working on at some point, but at this time we are unable to make sales to Minnesota.

What are your shipping charges? It varies depending on what we are shipping, and we always try to be reasonable. Variables like size, weight, dimentions and distance all have to be taken into account. You can add an item to your cart, then go to checkout, and start the checkout process to see the shipping charges (you can view the charges prior to placing the order). Brands such as Glock, Ruger, Springfield, Smith & Wesson, Walther, IWI, Garmin, FN, Tikka, Beretta and HK are not allowed to be drop shipped from the distribution warehouse directly to your prefered dealer. The wareshouses are contractually bound to ship the firearm to us to ship out for you. Dumb rule, but it's still a rule that must be followed. We have special permission from Sig Sauer to drop ship their products from the warehouses.

Why does shipping seem high for some magazines and accessories? Here's the story behind shipping for magazines and other accessories. In many cases (not all) we sell magazines and other accessories at cost or very near cost, so we are not making anything on the price. The shipping charges cover the actual shipping, and provides a small profit margin for us, which is obviously not much, especially after Uncle Sam gets his portion. For example... our magazines will usually carry a shipping charge of 14.99 (some may be higher) for the first magazine, and 1.99 to 2.99 for each additional magazine. This is for each model/type magazine on the order. Keep in mind that all the magazines may not necessarily ship from the same location. Some may ship from us, and some may ship from several different distributors (we have about 10 distributors feeding our site to try to offer you the lowest price). In other words, we can't combine them all for one shipping charge in the majority of cases. If you are ordering several hundred dollars’ worth of magazines, you might be better off letting us order them all to our shop and then do our best with the shipping charges by combining them all in one shipment to you. Keep in mind that we can't ship them all for one super low shipping fee, because again, some of our profit may be built into the shipping. We also have not updated pricing and shipping for all magazines and accessories, so if you see one item trying to charge you 14.99 per magazine for the same magazine, email us at INFO with the UPC and we'll look at it and fix it for you.

How long does it take you to ship an order? If the product shows that it is in our local inventory, we typically ship within 1-5 days (excluding holidays). If it is NOT in our local inventory and has to be ordered from a distributor, it can take 1-15 days for the distributor to ship, but in most cases, it is only a few days. The pandemic created a very unusual problem for distributors in keeping employees working. This has caused some delays in processing and shipping from our distributors. Worldwide conflicts, holidays, and busy seasons also cause delays. You can determine if it is in our local inventory by viewing the product page. It will clearly state it is not in our Local Inventory and has to be ordered. See examples of the differences at the bottom of any page on our website.

What is the status of shipping restricted magazines to the state of Washington? Unfortunately, we can no longer ship hi-cap magazines into the state of Washington unless we have LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) credentials on file for the person making the purchase. If we ship restricted magazines, this could be seen as aiding in the “importing” of an illegal magazine. The law prohibits any individual other than law enforcement to “import” the item into the state (this means having it shipped into the state). Our distributors will no longer ship any restricted magazines to Washington, even for LEO. If a person is LEO and provides credentials, and it is an item that is NOT in our local inventory and must be ordered from one of our distributors so that we can ship it, there will be an additional $15 shipping charge for this service. We understand the magazines may be pinned or removed when they arrive, but shipping the restricted magazines into the state may still be seen as aiding in the “importing” of an illegal item when we ship it. We cannot risk the liability this imposes. Therefore, going forward if we have a firearm that has more than 10 round magazines included, they must be pulled from the case, and the firearm will be shipped without the restricted magazines. In addition, since our distributors are no longer shipping restricted magazines to Washington and will not pull the magazines, we will have to order firearms that are not in our local inventory and pull the magazines before we can ship it. In summary, any item we must order because it is not in our local inventory, whether it is for LEO, or if we pull the magazines, will incur the additional shipping fee. For firearms that can be shipped from our local inventory, here is no additional shipping fee, although we will still need LEO credentials on file, or the magazines will be pulled. The $15 additional shipping charge can be paid by using the following link: (If you have already placed your order, please reference your order number.)

Why am I unable to add a product to my shipping cart or complete the order? If it is a firearm, it may be prohibited in your state because of the firearm or the magazine capacity included with the firearm. Please contact your local FFL dealer for details on the laws in your state. If you are exempt because you are Law Enforcement or you have it worked out with your FFL to transfer the firearm to you, contact us using the form below once you have created an account, and we can set your account to ignore state restrictions. You will always need to remember to clear any purchases with your FFL dealer, because you will not receive any warnings from us, and you are responsible for return shipping and restocking fees if the item is returned because it cannot be transferred to you.

Why is this firearm restricted for my state? We are asked many times why a firearm that is approved by a state is being restricted by us. We do not decide what is restricted and what is not restricted. The states, manufacturers, and distributors make those determinations. We simply comply. In most cases, if a firearm is approved but is shown restricted, it is likely because that particular SKU is restricted. The packaged SKU may include a restricted magazine capacity or there may be some other reason it is restricted. It is also possible it has recently been added to the approval list, or that is has simply been restricted in error. With all the constant law changes and particular quirks of some laws in some states, it is very difficult for us to keep up with all the various state laws. We encourage you to speak with your local FFL dealer to find out if the restricted firearm you are considering can be transferred to you. If you have verified with your FFL dealer that they will transfer the firearm to you, and it does not fall under any other reason it cannot be shipped to your state, we will be happy to set your account to ignore state restrictions upon request. You can find out more about state restrictions here: State Restrictions.

Will you swap out or remove high-capacity magazines for my state's compliance? We have no problem removing magazines from firearms that are in our local inventory (distributors will not remove mags) if you request it by email with your order number and include it in the notes on your order. However, we will not swap out mags, as we don't keep lo-cap mags in our local stock, and the removed mags are usually not packaged for resell. We will not give any price reduction for removing mags, as loose mags are not as easy to sell as retail packaged mags, nor does the markup in mags make it worth the effort. We also cannot remove and ship mags to another address. Keep in mind there are FFL dealers that will accept a non-compliant firearm and make it compliant for you, however, we do not keep up with who these FFL dealers are, thus you will have to discover them on your own. If you have verified with your FFL dealer that they will accept and alter the firearm/magazine for you or otherwise work out the transfer with you, contact us using the form below once you have created an account, and we can set your account to ignore state restrictions (see more information in our FAQ about shipping to the state of Washington - all hi-cap mags must be removed unless you are Law Enforcement in Washington state). You will always need to remember to clear any purchases with your FFL dealer, because you will not receive any warnings from us, and you are responsible for return shipping and restocking fees if the item is returned because it cannot be transferred to you.

I am law enforcement or have permission to buy a non-compliant firearm but your system won’t let me. If you have verified with your FFL dealer that they will accept and transfer the firearm to you, contact us using the form below once you have created an account, and we can set your account to ignore state restrictions. You will always need to remember to clear any purchases with your FFL dealer, because you will not receive any warnings from us, and you are responsible for return shipping and restocking fees if the item is returned because it cannot be transferred to you.

If my FFL dealer is not highlighted in green, do you need their FFL copy? Yes... we will need it for our files. While it is not required that you have your FFL dealer send it to us, if you are going to be in contact with them you are welcome to ask them to email it to INFO ‘AT’ ar14 ‘DOT’ com. If we have difficulties obtaining their FFL, we may ask you to assist, or have you select another FFL dealer. We will verify they are valid before shipping and request their FFL if needed. This DOES NOT mean we have verified they are open and will accept your transfer, you must do this. Our verification is simply that they are a valid dealer with the ATF, it has nothing to do with whether or not they are open and accepting transfers. Highlighted green does not always mean we have an updated copy of their FFL, it could be an expired copy.

What are your hours of operation? Family Firearms in Troy, AL is open Monday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm Central Standard Time. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Our LOCK-N-LOAD store in Enterprise, AL is open Tuesday-Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 10 am to 3 pm, however, they do not handle online orders and are not equipped to answer questions about online sales, so please do not attempt to contact them for website or online order information.

Will I get a tracking number once my order ships? Yes... our system emails out a tracking number to the email address you provided. For local inventory, we will first send you an email that the order is processed and ready to ship, then you get an email with the tracking a little later. The tracking number may not be useful until late that night or the next morning. If you are not getting tracking emails, please be sure to check your junk/spam folder... Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo are the world's worst for marking legit emails as spam. We can only send them out, and we know they all go out because we get copied on them.

Can I place an order by phone and/or mail my payment to you? Not at this time. We are not set up to take phone orders or mail payments. Part of the reason we are able to offer our super low prices is because we have the checkout process streamlined for online orders. It would take considerably more time and occupy an employee full time if we were to take phone orders, and we certainly could not offer these prices we do now. Either way, we are not set up for phone orders, and we cannot accept mail payments at this time.

  • Hart Sports - Plano, Texas
  • X-RING SUPPLY - Newark, Delaware
  • Texas Legends - Allen, Texas
  • Dahlonega Gold and Pawn - Dahlonega, GA
  • Vancouver Rifle and Pistol Club Inc - Vancouver, WA
  • Northwest Adventure Center - Fort Lewis, WA
  • Myrtle Beach Guns - Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Scheels Sports - Any Location
  • Rural King (RK) - Any Location
  • Academy Sports - Must Verify Exceptions with Store Manager
  • Bass Pro Shops - Must Verify Exceptions with Store Manager
  • Cabela's - Must Verify Exceptions with Store Manager
  • Any Firearm Manufacturer (Example: Glock, Sig, Ruger, etc.)
  • Any FFL dealer that does not allow drop-ship from a distributor.
  • There may be others - always verify with your FFL dealer that they will accept your transfer.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are looking for an email from us, please check your spam/junk folder, especially if you use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or a similar service, as they are notorious for marking business emails as spam... it's about all they are good for in most cases.



FYI: Filling the form out and emailing us too will not make us see it or respond any faster... it could actually delay the response.

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